About Us


DIVYA JAGRATI provides astrological services. Get online consultation and Horoscope Mr.Yogendra Singh is founder of Divya Jagrati. He is a good astrologer. Who read birth chart and solve problems arise in our life. Mr. Yogendra Singh is practicing of astrology from the age of 24. He still actively researching, studying and also using Astrology. His goal and intention is to help others find their true calling in life. As an astrologer, he focus on reading the energy of your birth chart based on the day you were born. He can provide you with clarity therefore "you" can make well informed Decisions. With his expertise and in-depth knowledge, he has helped his clients achieve Happiness, overcome distress, seek proper remedies and solutions for their problems.

Whatever query one has in their minds, Yogendra Singh can help resolves these doubts and Fears as well as provide them solutions and remedies through the divine methods of Vedic astrology.

His expertise has helped people overcome hurdles, delays and obstacles in love, Relationships, marriages - love & arranged inter-caste marriages, divorce, cheating, Separation, financial miseries, mental trauma and much more. If you are facing any of the above mentioned problems or problems such as property dispute issues, progeny or Children, business, abroad settlement, green card hurdles or visa issues, you can consult him.